home inspection report

Think of a home inspection report like a property’s report card.

Though on the surface, the home might look fine, a home inspection report will typically reveal a number of underlying issues that could pose a big hazard – or cost you thousands in repairs down the line.

Our home inspection reports serve as a report card for your home, detailing all elements of the property, from top to bottom and everything in between. They even contain real, high-quality photos of any potential issues we find.

The best part? They’re completely jargon-free.

We want you to understand your report and the information it contains, so we take care to explain all of our findings thoroughly and simply – no industry terms or confusing lingo at all.

We deliver your report fast, too. We guarantee you’ll have our findings that very same day.

Then, you can take that report to your agent, use it as a leveraging tool in negotiations or work with the seller to make repairs and updates before closing rolls around.

Want to see what you can expect from our home inspection report? View this sample report now.