Never had a home inspection? These frequently asked questions can help prepare you for yours.


How do I find a competent Houston home inspector?

You should look for a Professional Real Estate Inspector who is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Professional home inspectors must follow codified standards of practice, compiled by the Commission, to assist homeowners and home buyers in identifying defects which may represent safety hazards.

How long does a home inspection take?

For a 2,000 square foot home you can generally expect it to take about 3 hours to inspect.

Do I have to be present at the inspection?

No you don’t, but it is a good opportunity to speak with your Houston home inspector about any significant issues he may have uncovered. It is also a good chance to ask any questions you may have about specific systems or features of the home.

What will the inspector provide me with when the home inspection is completed?

Your home inspector will give you a written home inspection report that describes which items and systems in the home are deficient. The report is very detailed and easy to understand.

When will I receive the inspection report?

The same day as the inspection. Typically our clients prefer to have the report emailed to them, bet we can fax or send it via postal mail as well.

What do we charge for our services?

It depends on the size of the home:
Up to 2,000 square feet, $300
2,001–2,500 square feet, $325
2,501–3,500 square feet. $350
3,501–4,000 square feet , $375
Over 4,000 square feet, call for quote

Do I need an inspector if I am buying a new home?

Most definitely. A home inspector is a valuable ally of yours when evaluating the quality of the work of the home builder.

Why should I use a privately-owned home inspection company for a new home, doesn’t the city have inspectors who do that?

City inspectors may be required to perform an inspection of your new home, depending on where the home is built. City inspectors however are limited in the amount of time they have to devote to inspecting a new home.

My one-year builder warranty is about to expire, can you help me identify a list of items that the builder should address before this happens?

If you’ve purchased a home within the past year, you have no doubt encountered some problems you feel the builder should address. Whether it be the mechanical integrity of a system or a potential structural issue… we can help. We’ll perform a complete evaluation of your home and provide you with a detailed written report itemizing what we find. A report that you can give directly to the builder. In many cases, we discover issues that should have been addressed before you finalized the original purchase of the home.