phase construction inspections in houston

Building a home from the ground up? Make sure it’s constructed properly – every step of the way.

Many new homebuyers elect to have their newly-constructed home inspected as the home is being built.

Typically this encompasses inspecting the construction process in “Phases.”

Choosing to have phase construction inspections will result in a more complete inspection, which will eliminate many concerns about the underlying structure of the home.

In Phase 1, an inspection is performed just before the foundation is poured, ensuring footing depths and foundation components have been handled according to standards.

Phase 2 is performed just before the sheetrock is installed, and the home inspector will verify all framing components and rough in’s have been installed properly, and fire blocking is present where needed.

Then of course, the Phase 3 inspection is the final home inspection that is performed so the home is ready to be occupied.

When combined, this three-step inspection process ensures the utmost stability, safety and quality in the home you’re purchasing. Contact us to schedule your phase construction inspections today.